Classes Suspended until March 2020


ClassTime Date Status Reserved
Smooth Flow 9am     0/7
Smooth Flow 9am     0/7
Smooth Flow 9am     0/7
Smooth Flow 9am    


Smooth Flow 6:00pm  


Smooth Flow 6:00pm     0/7
Smooth Flow 6:00pm     0/7
Smooth Flow 6:00pm     0/7
Smooth Flow 5:00pm     0/7
Smooth Flow 5:00pm     0/7
Smooth Flow 5:00pm     0/7
Smooth Flow 5:00pm     0/7



Please contact me by email, text or phone if you would like to sign up for classes: 905-359-5061 -


           Important Dates

Studio will be closed January 5 - 20th, 2020, Feb. 3 - 18, 2020, March 7 - 17, 2020



Sign up for the classes you want to attend by emailing Ellen at  The cut off date to sign up will be posted on this page each month.  When you sign up for the classes you must commit to those classes for the month.  If you are unable to attend a class, you can make it up by attending any class that has room within the same month.

Class Description

Smooth Flow

The Smooth Flow class gradually introduces intermediate exercises with the intensity of the workout progressively increasing each week. Props such as Fitness Circles, Stability Balls, BOSU, Toning Balls, Rollers, and Flex-Bands may be used to challenge or assist in various exercises.

Pilates Fusion

This class includes exercises and stretches from Pilates, Yoga and Essentrics.  This class works on strength, balance and flexibility.  All levels welcome.



This class is a combination of Pilates & Yoga exercises & poses. Pilates and Yoga are a fantastic compliment to each other so why not combine the movements in one powerful class.  With a mind-body connection you will continue to strengthen the core and use your stabilizers while stretching your tight muscles in a controlled and safe fashion.  These classes flow seamlessly from one exercise or pose to the other.

Stability Chair and Yoga

This is a Trio class - only 3 people per class.  The class includes a combo of Stability Chair exercies along with Yoga poses.  This class will surely challenge your core, balance , arms, legs and back mucsles.  Work against spring loaded resistance on the chair and your own muscular energy in the Yoga portion.  This class is $20/class per person.


MAKE YOUR BODY THE MACHINE. Experience strengthening your upper body, lower body and core muscles using the TRX Suspension Trainer. The intensity of the repetitions constantly change to challenge your muscles to make you stonger. All levels welcome. 1/2 hour TRX training, 1/2 Abs on the mat and deep stretching


Please contact me for more information about group classes, Pilates private and semi-private equipment sessions, Private Yoga sessions, private group classes and personal training

         Pilates or Yoga                       Why Choose

Pilates is a unique and effective disipline of body-mind exercise evolved from the Joseph Pilates method.  


The devolopment of Yoga can be traced back to over 5,000 years ago, but some researchers think that Yoga may be up to 10,000 years old.


Pilates and Yoga can dramatically change the way your body looks, feels and performs.  It teaches body awareness and good posture.  Pilates and Yoga builds strength without excess bulk and focuses on attaining core stability while providing a full body workout.

Pilates and Yoga is a 3-dimensional method where exercise is performed using all planes of movement.  Emphasis is placed on breath, rebalancing muscles around the joints, corrects over-training and muscle imbalances that lead to injury.

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