What Are Your Fitness Goals?

I firmly believe that the best way to manage one’s life is to set goals. Let me know what your fitness goals are and I will work with you to achieve them. 

As a Pilates and Yoga instructor and Personal Trainer, I can lead you in the right direction.  I specialize in Pilates becasue I truly believe this should be the base of every fitness program.  Strengthening from the inside out is the safest, most effective way to reach all fitness goals.  This is exactly what Pilates is all about.

Flexibilty and Strength

Pilates has it all.  A good Pilates program will lengthen and strengthen your muscles simutanously without placing stress your joints.  Learning how to stabilize your pelvis, ribs and shoulder girdle brings awaremess to what your true range is. Stabilization before mobilization is key to internally strengthen the muscles closest to the bone.  The results are ease of movement and long, lean muscles.  Weather your goal is to prevent injury in everyday activity or gain that extra edge in your competive sport, Pilates will not disappoint. 


Pilates Postures offers a variety of choices:

  • Sessions on the Pilates V2 Max Reformer will transform your body and make you feel and look long, lean and strong.  Working against the resistance of the springs creates focus and a strong mind/body connection.


  • Pilates mat classes are great to reinforce activation of the stabilizing muscles before and during movement.  Focus on the core abdominal chamber teaches you to move with intention - mindful movement.


  • Yoga Classes are designed for all levels.  Honour where you are in your practice.  You will be challenged in a non-harming way as we flow through each asana with grace and fluidity.


  • Yogilaties classes include core Pilates exercises following the basic principles of stabilization and strength infused with Yoga poses to help increase flexibility while incorporating meaningful movement with breath.


  • TRX classes will challenge your stabilization and will allow you go further than your unsupported range of motion.  The support of the TRX allows you to dig deep into muscles you never knew you had.

Cardio Training

If you are looking to start a cardio training program or looking for a cross-training alternative, Pilates Postures can help. 

  • The Jumpboard is an accessory that attaches to the end of the V2 Max Reformer.  The Jumpboard offers plyometric activity to increase your heart rate and approve aglility while strengthening your legs and core stabilizing muscles.


Please contact me for more information about group classes, Pilates private and semi-private equipment sessions, Private Yoga sessions, private group classes and personal training

         Pilates or Yoga                       Why Choose

Pilates is a unique and effective disipline of body-mind exercise evolved from the Joseph Pilates method.  


The devolopment of Yoga can be traced back to over 5,000 years ago, but some researchers think that Yoga may be up to 10,000 years old.


Pilates and Yoga can dramatically change the way your body looks, feels and performs.  It teaches body awareness and good posture.  Pilates and Yoga builds strength without excess bulk and focuses on attaining core stability while providing a full body workout.

Pilates and Yoga is a 3-dimensional method where exercise is performed using all planes of movement.  Emphasis is placed on breath, rebalancing muscles around the joints, corrects over-training and muscle imbalances that lead to injury.

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